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Business Resources

Brew City Match program information and guides for entrepreneurs

Brewcity Match Forms

These are regularly used forms that assist business owners in preparing business plans, and understanding what information will be required to be considered for lending through the program.


What the %*@$ is zoning and why does it matter for my business?

This webinar answers the following questions:
· What are the major zoning types?
· What is the Board of Zoning Appeals (BOZA)?
· Why might I need to go in front of BOZA and is it worth it?
· What is it like going before BOZA?
· How can I prepare for BOZA and who can help me?

I need a permit for that?! Licenses and permits needed to start a business

This webinar covers the following topics:
· Permits & occupancy process
· Licensing/permits – when and why do I need one?
· Business permits versus building permits
· Property and construction inspections
· Commercial Corridor Team intro
· Purchasing a City property and what it entails

Additional Resources

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