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Building Owner

The Building Owner Track is for Milwaukee building owners looking to lease vacant commercial space or secure financing for commercial property redevelopment projects within the Brew City Match target neighborhoods. A map of the program area can be found on the business resources page.

Buildings must be structurally sound, in a good standing and benefit the community.



Application Dates

Round 2: Applications are currently being taken on a rolling basis. We know that COVID-19 requires each of us to make changes to the way we are working, and requires extra attention to family and financial matters right now. A deadline will be announced once we have a firmer timeline on the impact of COVID-19 in the community.  

The Brew City Match team will begin to review applications as they are submitted, and will communicate with you on the status of your application within the 90 day review window.

We will begin to identify finalists, but winners will not be selected until all applications have been reviewed. 


Marketing:  Building owners who own vacant commercial property, and are in search of tenants may apply for tenant recruitment services through Brew City Match. Selected properties will also have access to 1:1 matchmaking with top businesses from the Business Owner Track.

Predevelopment Assessment & Design:  Up to 15 building owners per round will receive a building assessment that documents current property conditions, and renovation recommendations. Up to $5,000 grants for architectural and design services. Tenant recruitment services are also available. These properties will also have access to 1:1 matchmaking with top businesses from the Business Owner Track.

Development Cash: Building owners who have secured a tenant, have a renovation plan in place, and a strong understanding of the money needed to complete the rehab project will have the opportunity to apply for project financing through the Brew City Match partners. If there are gaps in financing, property owners will be considered for grants that are paid on a reimbursement basis. Up to 10 projects will be selected for grant awards per round. Maximum grant awards are $40,000 per project. 

Minimum Requirements

  • Building must be structurally sound
  • Building owner and tenant must be current and compliant
  • Building owner and tenant must have cost estimates and contractor bids
  • Building owner and tenant must have funds ready to invest