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Business Owner

The Business Track is for entrepreneurs looking to start or expand in Milwaukee within the Cesar Chavez Drive, Historic King Drive, Near West Side, and North Avenue/Fond du Lac corridors, and surrounding neighborhoods. A map of the program area is located on the business resource page.

Application Opens: Friday, July 10, 2020


Business Plan: Up to 25 entrepreneurs will be awarded with business planning classes.

Any small business owner with an idea to start or expand a business can apply.


Space: Up to 10 entrepreneurs are matched with space from building owner track.

Any small business with a business idea and a business plan can apply.


Cash: Up to $300K per round in loans and up to 10 businesses receive $1K allocated for marketing support

Any small business with a business plan, signed lease or letter of intent, quotes for construction, and funds ready to invest.

How it works 

1. Select the correct application track for your current business stage.

The program is designed to offer assistance depending on where you are in the business development process.  There are four “tracks” for Business Owners – Business Planning, Space, and Cash.

Brew City Match is a competitive process. We encourage business owners to apply for the lowest applicable track and progress through the awards in order to have the strongest application, and potential for an award.

2. Apply online

3. Win an award, or apply again.